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Focus on United Way of Guelph Wellington Dufferin

United Way of Guelph Wellington DufferinOne of the major funders in the region is the United Way of Guelph Wellington Dufferin. Our local UW agency representatives are working hard to raise our profile in Dufferin, and with good reason. Did you know that UW spends $100K annually on 5 of our local non-profits (including us), but only raises $40 – 50K? This shortfall is due to a number of reasons; one being a lack of workplace campaigns in larger organizations. Another reason is that when UW campaigns take place in workplaces outside of Dufferin, and a Dufferin resident participates, they are not often aware of being able to divert the funds towards their own community.

Unless specified, place of residence information is not used to divert the funds. United Way supports DCAFS, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Dufferin Parent Support Network and Volunteer Dufferin as well as HCIA. What you should also know is that United Way spends much less than the industry average on administrative costs. Fundraising costs are 20 cents per dollar raised, well below Canadian benchmarks of 26%. Quite a feat considering all that they do. Take a few moments to check out the United Way site to see more about ‘how you can make a difference’.

United Way of Guelph Wellington Dufferin

The Food File

Everyone loves fresh and local food and our fabulous folks at Headwaters Food and Farming Alliance are not taking much time off despite the fabulous temperatures. Here is a look at what’s happening during those hazy lazy days of summer.

The Headwaters Food and Farming Alliance is hard at work finalizing the inputs of all the stakeholder information sessions towards the drafting of the first Headwaters Food Charter. Food Charters are primarily for the purpose of guiding policy and indicating what the community priorities are with regards to the food system. Our wonderful partners at Public Health have been leading the charge on this project. Huge thanks go to Ishan Angra, Lisa Needham and Jennifer McCorriston from Guelph Wellington Dufferin Public Health for their huge commitment to this project. Key participants from the HFFA Hub team include Janet Horner of Golden Horseshoe Food and Farming Alliance, Ruth Armstrong from the Town of Orangeville, Sandra Dolson from The Town of Caledon, Chris Gerrits from Township of Amaranth, Marci Lipman from Dufferin Farm Fresh, and Diana Morris from the Dufferin Board of Trade. Once a draft is produced there will be opportunity for the public to weigh in. Stay tuned for details on how that will be rolling out in the fall.

Farm to School: Our super foodies Jennifer Payne and Nicole Hambleton are just barely catching their breath after a very successful and busy season of Farm to School and Food Club, and have already begun planning for September. To keep up with all of this, check out the newly minted Headwaters Food and Farming site. Special thanks need to be extended to our good pals at the Children's Foundation for their ongoing project and financial support; Guelph Wellington Dufferin Public Health (again!) for their nutritional inputs support of the Family cooking classes, as well as Everdale Farm for their expertise in the learning modules.

Fresh Produce

A Cycling Skills and Obstacle Course for Kids

A Cycling Skills and Obstacle Course for KidsOur Citizens of Headwaters for Active Transportation Team (CHATT) has some fun lined up this summer to supplement the already popular Mono on a Bike being held on September 10. For those youngsters interested in cycling, but aren't going into the race, there will be a skills obstacle course provided by Joyride 150. Kids will be able to learn bike handling skills from Can-Bike instructors.


The cost is only $5.00 per child and there will be free giveaways. Kids must be 7-13 and must wear an approved, current bike helmet, closed -toed shoes and a bike in good working order (no training wheels).

When: Saturday September 10, 2016 from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Where: Mono Community Centre, 754483 Mono Centre Road, Mono, ON L9W 5W9 Please enter your parent or guardian info then up to 3 participants. Register Now!

Communities in Bloom

The Communities in Bloom initiative wrapped up recently with a number of presentations for the judge at Orangeville Town Hall on July 15. As we mentioned in our last newsletter, our outdoor spaces and connection to all things growing is a big part of what people love about Dufferin County according to past and current Community Well-Being reports. Gardens are just another way that people express that love and connection to both the land and each other. It's beautiful community engagement!

The Orangeville Communities in Bloom Committee is proud to share the 2016 Profile Book that can be found on the following link :


“Thank you Orangeville for making our community shine in 2016! We look forward to sharing the results to be announced in Stratford September 17, 2016. 2016 Orangeville Communities in Bloom Committee.” Communities in Bloom on Facebook .


Communities in Bloom

A safety reminder from our friends at the OPP
Please Don't Drink and Drive

OPPImpaired driving remains the leading cause of criminal death in Canada. If you plan on drinking or consuming drugs, plan to not drive.


Instead police suggest the following alternatives:

  • Arrange for a designated driver
  • Take a taxi
  • Stay overnight
  • Take public transit

Police Services across the province rely on the public to report crime and impaired driving is a crime that should be treated no differently. If you suspect that someone is driving or about to drive impaired, call 9-1-1 and report it. If you see that someone is impaired by alcohol or other drugs The general public should be aware that the OPP employs Drug Recognition Experts can also determine if a driver is impaired by drugs other than alcohol and will lay a criminal charge. ~ Derek P. Zayachkowski

Dufferin Transportation Options

Find A Ride

Listings about existing transportation options available in Headwaters, learn about eligibility requirements, hours of service and cost.

Find A Ride

Headwaters Trail Maps

Trail Maps Listing

Over 20 trail descriptions, details and maps in the Headwaters region. Take a hike, enjoy a meal and browse our local shops!

Trail Maps Listing

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